Travel & Landscape Photography

Throughout the years, I've travelled to various parts of the world, attracted mainly by the natural landscapes. Next thing to attempt is the people-side of travel rather than just places. Ideally, I'd like to go everywhere but for now, please enjoy the small slices I have seen. One day perhaps I'll go on a trip solely for the purpose of photography. Any sponsors?


Belize, 2016

Early December is a great time to take some time away from the cold, snowy hustle and bustle of the burgeoning holiday season to grab some sun and surf down south. This year we opted to check out Belize for a week, stopping in both San Ignacio in the interior of the country, near Guatemala, and Caye Caulker, an island near the Belize Barrier Reef in the Caribbean Sea.


Iceland, 2017

Do you like sudden blizzards? Do you like travelling from freezing cold Canada to slightly less cold Iceland? Do you want to pay Hilton Toronto prices for a hostel-quality hotel? Do you think $25 for a pack of bacon is reasonable? Then come to Iceland in January! Here we were promised northern lights and wonderful winter tours to waterfalls during a short mini-break in Reykjavik. We should have known better...


Costa Rica, 2016

Costa Rica has always resided somewhere in the upper-to-middle area of my bucket list mostly due to a love of sloths, surf, & tropical fungi. In November of 2016 I finally had the chance to do a whirlwind escape and check out a few places the country has to offer including Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Manuel Antonio, Jaco, and Esterillos Oueste. And, yes, surfing is important to me.


Nashville, USA, 2016

Anybody else watch the TV show Nashville? Yes, you do. It's okay. I know it's embarrassing to admit. So do I. What better reason to plan a girls' roadtrip to Music City? Well, there was a lot of partying and not so much touristing but it's a city with definite charm, even if you're not into 24/7 country music. There are cowboy boots and pickup trucks, but there are also a lot of songrwriters and Bar-B-Q!


Norway, 2016

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but I'm pretty certain you'd have to be blind not to appreciate the fjords of Norway. The best way to do Norway is save a lot of money and rent a car to traverse the varied landscape at your own pace. (Save your money and sanity and don't take a cruise!) But even on a very limited time budget, it's possible to be awed by this country.


Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia, 2016

Ever want to hear someone bestow the benevolent virtues of an American mid-20th century insane asylum? Look no further than this rose-tinted tour of what is actually a very cool property that I wish I had had more time to explore, by myself and not part of a group, located in the otherwise quiet mountain town of Weston, West Virginia.


Netherlands, 2017

My second foray to the magical world of Amsterdam brought me to familiar haunts and brand new cities. Whilst I was grateful to get back to the things I loved about it (stroopwafels!), I was excited to see new parts and to travel to some of the Netherlands' other talked-about towns. As expected, nothing about Holland disappoints. It was a different experience to stay right in the Red Light District but it was... interesting!


Scotland, 2016

Everyone asked why on earth we'd choose to go to Glasgow. Frankly, neither of us had been and all I knew about it was Trainspotting like, it seems, most people. Those were two extremely solid reasons in my opinion. And it turns out they actually were! Glasgow was a lovely place to spend a week, don't believe the anti-hype! Complete with a daytrip to the capital, Edinburgh, it actually made me sincerely appreciate architecture and history.


Reykjavik, Iceland, 2016

It was my second time in Iceland in the summer. I thought the weather would be like the first time when it was gorgeous, sunny, and warm(ish). Well, I'll tell everyone a little secret: Reykjavik is like every other rainy city on the coast of the North Atlantic ocean. But don't let that dissuade you because if you are like me and always searching for cheap and interesting things to do on rainy days in the capital, this was a good little stopover.


Hebden Bridge, England, 2017

You can blame Happy Valley for this one. Man, I love that programme. I was watching it one day and thought, "What a nice little town." So, as any millennial does, I googled it and found that some of the show was filmed here, in Hebden. It was then that we decided if we do go to Manchester during the summer, we will definitely take a quick trip to there simply for the aesthetic.


London, 2017

What do you do when you arrive in London a few hours before a terrorist attack? Are you scared? Do you turn around and go home? Nope, life goes on like normal. You hit up all the tourist spots, sights, and parks (that you haven't done before) and you don't let fear dictate your life. Oh, and maybe go on a cemetery crawl.


Florida, 2015

Although a lot of the world has warm Decembers full of sun and heat, I am not accustomed to it so this Christmas holiday was a bit strange for a Canadian snowbaby. Additionally, we took our time getting there stopping overnight in both Pennsylvania and Savannah, Georgia. Everything was a suprise!